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What is so special about the All Clad Cookware?

All Clad cookwareI have just finished having a sumptuous dinner I cooked in my very special All Clad cookware which I recently bought. I prepared the dinner for myself to celebrate the fact that I have finally bought my dream cookware for which I have been saving since past few months. The color, the finish, the feel of the All Clad Cookware is something unbeatable which makes it one of the most coveted cookware in the market. All Clad cookware set was recently rated as the best cookware set by The Foodista. I have bought the 10 piece cookware set which is perfect for my family which comprises of me and my boyfriend (yes, you can laugh). I love cooking and have always wanted to cook in my own All Clad Cookware since the day I started living on my own. I used to cook in one at my parents’ home. Hence, I have been missing that a lot. Finally, after having bought it and used it, I can easily tell all the people about the specialty of the All Clad Cookware and what exactly makes them such a prized cookware.

Despite the high price of the cookware, the superb finish, the quality of cookware, the ability to get uniformly heated, easy to clean property and stay cool handles etc. everything makes All Clad Cookware the best.

Features of my All Clad Cookware:

All Clad cookware interiorThe cookware interior is constituted of 18/10 stainless steel. Is has aluminum core and an induction stainless steel exterior. The shine and excellent error free finish persuades every person that likes cooking to cook, cook and cook. I have purchased the All Clad non – stick cookware set and can be at ease owing to the starburst finishing which improves the non-stickiness. The 18/10 surface is safe and reflects the hygiene the moment one glances at it. The handles are riveted, are made up of stainless steel and yes, they actually stay cool.

The cookware is safe for grill as well as over use. The exterior of stainless steel is magnetic and is compatible with the induction as well as the regular cook tops. If you, however, want to purchase the non – stick version of the cookware, the main difference will be the non-stick coating.

All Clad Cookware layersThe striking feature of the cookware is that the aluminum core extends to its sides, which makes it much better than the cookware of the other brands which have the core in the form of a disc in the center. This is the reason that the All Clad Cookware gets evenly and uniformly heated. The All Clad steel cookware, hence, promises to give you the best of the fries and the crispiest chicken ever.

Though I had my doubts regarding the cleaning and scrubbing after the food is cooked, but around 10 to 15 minutes of soaking eased out cleaning. The grout came out with soap and soft scrubber.

What is the Best Bread Machine to buy – Zojirushi

My kitchen is speckled with the Zojirushi appliances and the very latest addition is my Zojirushi bread maker. The machine comes with a promise of the best baked and tastiest bread ever. The homemade bread was never as easy and as tasty. The brand Zojirushi earned my confidence years back when I just started my married life and bought a rice cooker from the same brand. Since day one of usage, I knew that Zojirushi will be my long term cooking partner.

Zojirushi offers a lot of bread makers to choose from. I am going to describe the bread maker I am using since a past few weeks and have cherished every single slice since then.

It is Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker (BB-CEC20):

Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery SupremeThe machine is none the less than its name. It makes a traditional rectangular bread loaf of 2 lbs. The bread machine has various other settings which can be used for making jams, sourdough bread, dough, cake and even meatloaf. There are THREE memory settings in the menu settings for the home baked bread.

The cooking time taken by the machine is around 2 hours for the sourdough starter. However, the machine also comes with a quick bake cycle which will prepare the bread in under 2 hours. If you want to put the bread timer on delay, the machine also has a delay timer of 13 hours. This means that you can put all the ingredients in the machine and feed in the time you wish the baking to start. The baking cycle will commence from the time fed in by you. Isn’t it great that when you wake up, the kitchen will be full of the aroma of the freshly baked bread?

There is an auto-shut off system in the bread machine which will ensure the safety of the machine.

dual kneading bladesThis machine has given me every single reason to love it. The dual kneading blades in the baking container ensure that the dough is well kneaded and the bread is without any clumps of flour. I can easily watch the progress of my bread (which I used to do in the very first days of my baking) from the large viewing window of the machine.

The LCD control panel is not confusing and the persons, who are used to the other electronic appliances, will be able to understand and use the same perfectly. The instructions are not at all confusing. I can now bake fresh breads of different kinds, everyday and serve them with different jams made by myself in the machine.

I tried to make the nut bread yesterday and it turned out as fine as the normal one.

The home made meatloaf setting in the Zojirushi Bread Machine allows me to make my own meatloaf as per my preferences. The ease of cleaning and storing is another plus point. The machine is sturdy and heavily built, so I can rest assured that it will not fall off the counter just because of the dough kneading; as reported in the other cheap models of bread machines.

All in all, the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker (BB-CEC20) has really earned my respect as an appliance and love as a kitchen companion. It is one of the best bread makers in the market. If you are also in the market for a bread maker, go online to sites like eco-chef or Consumer Reports where you can compare bread machine performance and price.

What company makes the Best Rice Cooker?

Zojirushi logoI and my friends were discussing brands. I work at a marketing firm, so it is our business to know what is trending and how to make things trendy. We have worked for a lot of big names in the market and have come to know a lot about not only the values and products of a brand, but also about the genuine and the not-so-good ones out there. Well, the discussion was about the electronic appliance makers and the big names associated with them. We were amused by the market and consumer statistics of the Zojirushi Rice Cookers. Though the consumers had a general view that the Zojirushi Rice Cookers were a bit pricey, they couldn’t agree more or praise more about their quality and features. People simply love them.

Zojirushi Rice CookerSo, it is quite clear that Zojirushi Rice Cookers are the best you can lay your hands upon. The sleek designs, sturdy machines, ease of using, the number of options, the ability to serve you year after year without any problems or technical glitches and the unique ability to deliver you the perfectly cooked rice in every attempt, make the Zojirushi Rice Cookers the best amongst all the cookers. I have also been using a Zojirushi rice cooker since past 5 years and can vouch for all the queries related to the quality and characteristics. For more information on the best rice cookers, read reviews by visiting the link.

What makes them Different?

The Zojirushi Rice Cookers are Japanese in origin and it is a well known fact that the rice rearing and cooking has been indigenous to the oriental countries. Everything related to rice comes naturally to them. Well, this is not the only thing that makes Zojirushi different. The technical features of the rice cookers are have been programmed in such a manner that you are able to control the different types of rice textures, as well as cook various types of rice and other things in it. Apart from the normal electronic cookers, the fuzzy logic cookers are also manufactured by Zojirushi which are the most advanced and smart cookers. Some cookers also have the feature of baking cakes as well.

Irrespective of the amount of money you invest on the Zojirushi Rice Cookers, you are guaranteed that the cookers will serve you well for your lifetime. Even the low price models will also offer you completely error free rice making with the lesser number of features and cycles. The rice cookers manufactured by Zojirushi are able to serve you for your lifetime.

I mean, you have to just buy ONE Zojirushi Rice Cooker and you can use the same for decades without facing even a single day of embarrassment.

What is NEW?

Now, the fuzzy logic technology has also become old and there is a newer player in the market – Neuro Fuzzy. Zojirushi has this unique feature of delivering you the perfect and the best but yes, you cannot say that the price is good. I mean, the models are pricey and not all the people are able to afford such pricey models. But for the ones on a stringent budget, there are low price models of Zojirushi Rice Cookers which come with lesser features and still cook the perfect rice and other things too.

For the people who say that Zojirushi Rice Cookers are pricey, and are thus out of their budget, I would like to bring to their notice the fact that iphone is also pricey, but still, millions of people have bought it, are buying it and will buy it. After all, quality matters.

Hence, pricey or not, the Zojirushi Rice Cookers are the best cookers.

Green Star Elite Juicer is my Personal Favorite

Green Star Elite JuicerI am a juicing enthusiast and like to make my own recipes by combining various fruits, herbs and vegetables. So, for me, my juicer should be just like a genie. No matter what ingredients are submitted the juice should be free of all flaws. Also the cleaning and maintenance should require least elbow grease. And thankfully I have got one juicer with all these qualities – Green Star Elite Juicer.

Green Star 1000 juicerIts precursor Greenstar 1000 also remained my personal favorite juicer for a long time. But the new Green Star Elite comes with all the things required to make it an ultimate juicing machine. It is the best example of all purpose juicers and incorporates all the improvements based on trial and time. It was recently rated as the best juicer by Juicer.Kitchen in twin gear juicer category.

Green Star Elite Juicer – Specialties:

The juicer uses three stage juicing process. It is the only juicer in the market that employs magnetic and bio – ceramic technology. Therefore the juicer not only ensures a better and fresh tasting juice but also keeps the juice yield maximum. The original juicer (Greenstar 1000) employed a two stage juicing process. Other advancements include more efficient filter and mesh, stronger augers and newly redesigned parts.

Unique Three Juicing Stages:

The Green Star Elite juicer has 3 stages of juicing which are explained as follows:

Stage 1: The fruits and vegetables are cut and crushed slowly without heating so as to avoid loss of enzymes and prevent oxidation of juices.

Stage 2: The pulp is mixed thoroughly so that the cell membranes of the fruits and vegetables are opened and more nutrition is extracted from them. This intermediate stage between crushing and pressing ensures that pulp produced is drier and the juice yield is more.

Stage 3: Final Stage is pressing. In this stage the gear shape changes from the previous phase to facilitate enhanced forcing of pulp against the screen to ensure maximum juice and nutrient extraction. The length of JUMBO GEARS in Green Star Elite Juicer are longer than any other juicer in the market which means the yield of juice will be highest in this juicer. Bio – magnets are also present in the gears which ensure maximum extraction of minerals from the pulp. The bio – magnets also ensure that the body will more effectively absorb all the released minerals.

At the end of all phases the pulp is ejected which is drier than all the other Green Star juicers.

Some other new features are as follows:

The Elite Juicer comes with a new locking mechanism which makes it easy and quick to assemble and dissemble the machine. The juicer can be easily cleaned as there are fewer parts which have sleek design. You can easily wash all the parts of juicer in a dishwasher. The Juicer also has a newly introduced carrying handle to make its carrying and moving easy. The weight is also lesser as compared to the precursors of Green Star Elite Juicer. It also has added safety to prevent injury by minimizing the chances of interacting with moving parts owing to a safety switch system.

That is all the reasons for Green Star Elite being my favorite juicer.

Cookware Buying Guide

Cookware MaterialPicking the correct cookware for your home is not an easy task. It requires extensive research, a lot of time and energy. The vast list of cookware brands in the market is growing on a day-to-day basis, and the varying range of cookware material such as copper, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, and ceramic when it comes to pans and pots is confusing. And to add to all this confusion is the clad style cookware range, which includes the fusion of two or more diverse metals.

Budget is yet another important point to bear in mind for most home cooks when it comes to buying cookware sets. Today, in this article we try to answer most of your questions when it comes to cookware, with a little help from our cookware experts. In other words, this cookware buying guide will assist you in making an informed decision when it comes to buying the cookware that suits your kitchen’s needs.

Points To Consider When Buying Cookware

A few important tips to consider when purchasing cookware are:

Durability – Some cookware materials like stainless steel will last longer and maintain their good looks for a very long time when compared to other cookware materials like aluminum.

Thermal conductivity – Picking a cookware material that is an excellent conductor of heat not only saves fuel, but it also helps in cooking your food evenly. Stainless steel is a not a good conductor of heat while the copper cookware material is an outstanding example when it comes to thermal conductivity. In other words, copper cookware reacts a lot faster every time you turn up or turn down the heat, unlike stainless steel cookware.

Reactivity – Some cookware materials tend to react with your cooking. For example, aluminum cookware material reacts with acidic dishes and tomatoes, which means your food, may absorb some of the aluminum metal. Hence, it is important to know about metals and how they react with food before purchasing a cookware set.

Affordability – The price of the cookware is one of the most important determining factors for most cooks. The rule of thumb when it comes to buying cookware sets is to choose the best cookware that suits your budget.

Maintenance – Some cookware materials require a lot of maintenance while other cookware materials require minimum care. For instance, stainless steel cookware is popular among many households as it requires less maintenance while cookware materials like copper and cast iron require regular seasoning and good maintenance to keep them shining and in shape.

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Cookware

Pros and Cons of Different Types of CookwareLet us take a look at each cookware material’s pros and cons in order to understand why some cookware materials are better than the others.

Stainless Steel Cookware – This is one of the most popular cookware materials amongst households. The pros of stainless steel cookware are durability, affordability, scratch resistance, low/no maintenance, does not react with food, and warp-resistant. The only con of this cookware material is that it is a poor conductor of heat

Copper Cookware – This cookware material is popular amongst professional cooks because of its heat conductivity and even cooking. The pros of copper cookware are even heating, and excellent heat conductivity. The cons of this type of cookware materials are it requires regular polishing (high maintenance), very expensive, and reacts with acidic foods.

Cast-Iron Cookware – This cookware material can be passed on from one generation to another if maintained well. The pros of cast-iron cookware are durable, less expensive, and excellent heat retention. The cons of this cookware material are that it requires regular seasoning, if unseasoned it reacts with foods, heavier when compared to other cookware materials, and will rust if not seasoned on a regular basis.

Aluminum Cookware – About 50% cookware manufacturers prefer aluminum because of its excellent heat conductivity. The pros of this cookware material is that it is a good source of heat conductivity. The cons of aluminum cookware are it requires regular polishing, and reacts with acidic foods

Take your time and conduct a thorough research when purchasing a cookware set. Always buy the best cookware set that goes well with your budget, kitchen, and cooking requirements. Lastly, but most importantly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions ardently to have a pleasant cooking experience.

How to buy an espresso machine and grinder at the right price

espresso machine and grinderWhen going to the market for a new espresso machine most buyers make the same mistake – they only look at the espresso machine and forget the fact that without a good grinder, it becomes useless. Professional barista, on the other hand, know too well that the grinder is more important than an espresso machine, as it grinds the coffee beans, preparing them for the brewing. Therefore, in some cases it is better to buy an expensive grinder and a low price espresso machine than the other way around.

What makes the cup of espresso perfect is first of all the barista, then the brand of coffee, third the grinder and only then the espresso machine. It might seem strange to you, but the facts are real – the espresso machine is the least important factor in the espresso making.

Usually, when you decide to make a new addition to your kitchen the first thing to be considered is the budget. So, how do you choose a good espresso machine and a grinder at the right price? The investment should be worth the money you put into it, especially when your morning cup of coffee is concerned. Very tight budgets can very well provide an excellent cup of espresso through the purchase of a French press, a grinder and good quality coffee beans. But, if you have some extra money, an espresso machine would be a good assistant in the process of preparing espressos.

Some of the modern espresso machines come with a grinder and are able to prepare espresso just with the press of a button. But, if you are looking for a machine that would allow you to use some personal touch and make every cup unique, you should consider a manual or a semi automatic espresso machine. These models are better suited for home espresso making and proved what a super automatic machine would never give you. The semi automatic models allow you to turn off the pump, whatever you want to, making the coffee as strong as you like it, and there are very good models available at a very good price. The Edge will help you to get the best espresso machine within your budget.

grinder for espresso machineBe aware, however, that the espresso machine’s purpose is to extract the flavor from the already ground coffee beans. So, in some cases it is better to buy a costly grinder than a too expensive espresso machine. What makes the grinder and the espresso machines sometimes so costly are their materials, design and components. The perfect espresso machine for you would be the one that you are able to operate with perfection. The cost is always important and you should be able to buy the best with the money you have.