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Green Star Elite Juicer is my Personal Favorite

Green Star Elite JuicerI am a juicing enthusiast and like to make my own recipes by combining various fruits, herbs and vegetables. So, for me, my juicer should be just like a genie. No matter what ingredients are submitted the juice should be free of all flaws. Also the cleaning and maintenance should require least elbow grease. And thankfully I have got one juicer with all these qualities – Green Star Elite Juicer.

Green Star 1000 juicerIts precursor Greenstar 1000 also remained my personal favorite juicer for a long time. But the new Green Star Elite comes with all the things required to make it an ultimate juicing machine. It is the best example of all purpose juicers and incorporates all the improvements based on trial and time. It was recently rated as the best juicer by Juicer.Kitchen in twin gear juicer category.

Green Star Elite Juicer – Specialties:

The juicer uses three stage juicing process. It is the only juicer in the market that employs magnetic and bio – ceramic technology. Therefore the juicer not only ensures a better and fresh tasting juice but also keeps the juice yield maximum. The original juicer (Greenstar 1000) employed a two stage juicing process. Other advancements include more efficient filter and mesh, stronger augers and newly redesigned parts.

Unique Three Juicing Stages:

The Green Star Elite juicer has 3 stages of juicing which are explained as follows:

Stage 1: The fruits and vegetables are cut and crushed slowly without heating so as to avoid loss of enzymes and prevent oxidation of juices.

Stage 2: The pulp is mixed thoroughly so that the cell membranes of the fruits and vegetables are opened and more nutrition is extracted from them. This intermediate stage between crushing and pressing ensures that pulp produced is drier and the juice yield is more.

Stage 3: Final Stage is pressing. In this stage the gear shape changes from the previous phase to facilitate enhanced forcing of pulp against the screen to ensure maximum juice and nutrient extraction. The length of JUMBO GEARS in Green Star Elite Juicer are longer than any other juicer in the market which means the yield of juice will be highest in this juicer. Bio – magnets are also present in the gears which ensure maximum extraction of minerals from the pulp. The bio – magnets also ensure that the body will more effectively absorb all the released minerals.

At the end of all phases the pulp is ejected which is drier than all the other Green Star juicers.

Some other new features are as follows:

The Elite Juicer comes with a new locking mechanism which makes it easy and quick to assemble and dissemble the machine. The juicer can be easily cleaned as there are fewer parts which have sleek design. You can easily wash all the parts of juicer in a dishwasher. The Juicer also has a newly introduced carrying handle to make its carrying and moving easy. The weight is also lesser as compared to the precursors of Green Star Elite Juicer. It also has added safety to prevent injury by minimizing the chances of interacting with moving parts owing to a safety switch system.

That is all the reasons for Green Star Elite being my favorite juicer.