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How to buy an espresso machine and grinder at the right price

espresso machine and grinderWhen going to the market for a new espresso machine most buyers make the same mistake – they only look at the espresso machine and forget the fact that without a good grinder, it becomes useless. Professional barista, on the other hand, know too well that the grinder is more important than an espresso machine, as it grinds the coffee beans, preparing them for the brewing. Therefore, in some cases it is better to buy an expensive grinder and a low price espresso machine than the other way around.

What makes the cup of espresso perfect is first of all the barista, then the brand of coffee, third the grinder and only then the espresso machine. It might seem strange to you, but the facts are real – the espresso machine is the least important factor in the espresso making.

Usually, when you decide to make a new addition to your kitchen the first thing to be considered is the budget. So, how do you choose a good espresso machine and a grinder at the right price? The investment should be worth the money you put into it, especially when your morning cup of coffee is concerned. Very tight budgets can very well provide an excellent cup of espresso through the purchase of a French press, a grinder and good quality coffee beans. But, if you have some extra money, an espresso machine would be a good assistant in the process of preparing espressos.

Some of the modern espresso machines come with a grinder and are able to prepare espresso just with the press of a button. But, if you are looking for a machine that would allow you to use some personal touch and make every cup unique, you should consider a manual or a semi automatic espresso machine. These models are better suited for home espresso making and proved what a super automatic machine would never give you. The semi automatic models allow you to turn off the pump, whatever you want to, making the coffee as strong as you like it, and there are very good models available at a very good price. The Edge will help you to get the best espresso machine within your budget.

grinder for espresso machineBe aware, however, that the espresso machine’s purpose is to extract the flavor from the already ground coffee beans. So, in some cases it is better to buy a costly grinder than a too expensive espresso machine. What makes the grinder and the espresso machines sometimes so costly are their materials, design and components. The perfect espresso machine for you would be the one that you are able to operate with perfection. The cost is always important and you should be able to buy the best with the money you have.