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What is so special about the All Clad Cookware?

All Clad cookwareI have just finished having a sumptuous dinner I cooked in my very special All Clad cookware which I recently bought. I prepared the dinner for myself to celebrate the fact that I have finally bought my dream cookware for which I have been saving since past few months. The color, the finish, the feel of the All Clad Cookware is something unbeatable which makes it one of the most coveted cookware in the market. All Clad cookware set was recently rated as the best cookware set by The Foodista. I have bought the 10 piece cookware set which is perfect for my family which comprises of me and my boyfriend (yes, you can laugh). I love cooking and have always wanted to cook in my own All Clad Cookware since the day I started living on my own. I used to cook in one at my parents’ home. Hence, I have been missing that a lot. Finally, after having bought it and used it, I can easily tell all the people about the specialty of the All Clad Cookware and what exactly makes them such a prized cookware.

Despite the high price of the cookware, the superb finish, the quality of cookware, the ability to get uniformly heated, easy to clean property and stay cool handles etc. everything makes All Clad Cookware the best.

Features of my All Clad Cookware:

All Clad cookware interiorThe cookware interior is constituted of 18/10 stainless steel. Is has aluminum core and an induction stainless steel exterior. The shine and excellent error free finish persuades every person that likes cooking to cook, cook and cook. I have purchased the All Clad non – stick cookware set and can be at ease owing to the starburst finishing which improves the non-stickiness. The 18/10 surface is safe and reflects the hygiene the moment one glances at it. The handles are riveted, are made up of stainless steel and yes, they actually stay cool.

The cookware is safe for grill as well as over use. The exterior of stainless steel is magnetic and is compatible with the induction as well as the regular cook tops. If you, however, want to purchase the non – stick version of the cookware, the main difference will be the non-stick coating.

All Clad Cookware layersThe striking feature of the cookware is that the aluminum core extends to its sides, which makes it much better than the cookware of the other brands which have the core in the form of a disc in the center. This is the reason that the All Clad Cookware gets evenly and uniformly heated. The All Clad steel cookware, hence, promises to give you the best of the fries and the crispiest chicken ever.

Though I had my doubts regarding the cleaning and scrubbing after the food is cooked, but around 10 to 15 minutes of soaking eased out cleaning. The grout came out with soap and soft scrubber.

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