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What is the Best Bread Machine to buy – Zojirushi

My kitchen is speckled with the Zojirushi appliances and the very latest addition is my Zojirushi bread maker. The machine comes with a promise of the best baked and tastiest bread ever. The homemade bread was never as easy and as tasty. The brand Zojirushi earned my confidence years back when I just started my married life and bought a rice cooker from the same brand. Since day one of usage, I knew that Zojirushi will be my long term cooking partner.

Zojirushi offers a lot of bread makers to choose from. I am going to describe the bread maker I am using since a past few weeks and have cherished every single slice since then.

It is Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker (BB-CEC20):

Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery SupremeThe machine is none the less than its name. It makes a traditional rectangular bread loaf of 2 lbs. The bread machine has various other settings which can be used for making jams, sourdough bread, dough, cake and even meatloaf. There are THREE memory settings in the menu settings for the home baked bread.

The cooking time taken by the machine is around 2 hours for the sourdough starter. However, the machine also comes with a quick bake cycle which will prepare the bread in under 2 hours. If you want to put the bread timer on delay, the machine also has a delay timer of 13 hours. This means that you can put all the ingredients in the machine and feed in the time you wish the baking to start. The baking cycle will commence from the time fed in by you. Isn’t it great that when you wake up, the kitchen will be full of the aroma of the freshly baked bread?

There is an auto-shut off system in the bread machine which will ensure the safety of the machine.

dual kneading bladesThis machine has given me every single reason to love it. The dual kneading blades in the baking container ensure that the dough is well kneaded and the bread is without any clumps of flour. I can easily watch the progress of my bread (which I used to do in the very first days of my baking) from the large viewing window of the machine.

The LCD control panel is not confusing and the persons, who are used to the other electronic appliances, will be able to understand and use the same perfectly. The instructions are not at all confusing. I can now bake fresh breads of different kinds, everyday and serve them with different jams made by myself in the machine.

I tried to make the nut bread yesterday and it turned out as fine as the normal one.

The home made meatloaf setting in the Zojirushi Bread Machine allows me to make my own meatloaf as per my preferences. The ease of cleaning and storing is another plus point. The machine is sturdy and heavily built, so I can rest assured that it will not fall off the counter just because of the dough kneading; as reported in the other cheap models of bread machines.

All in all, the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker (BB-CEC20) has really earned my respect as an appliance and love as a kitchen companion. It is one of the best bread makers in the market. If you are also in the market for a bread maker, go online to sites like eco-chef or Consumer Reports where you can compare bread machine performance and price.

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